This page aims to share the experience of the models with whom I had the chance to collaborate to build this Book. Without wishing to be exhaustive, here are a few testimonies and feedbacks from these muses without whom none of the portrait and nude images on this site would exist. Thank you again to all of you for these wonderful meetings and the resulting photos.
Gwen – Adsked


Charline Ceravolo

Instagram: charlineceravolo
Web: Charline

The photographer Adsked is very attentive and listens to the model, he will make sure to show you the photos throughout the shoot so that you can give your point of view and look for ideas together that will highlight you. It was a very good experience for me and a shoot where I had a very good time in their company.

Glamour picture of a young woman on her coach- phootgraph Adsked - Montpellier


Instagram: lislesames

During my session with the photographer Adsked, I was immediately put at ease thanks to her professionalism and kindness. His advice was very valuable to me as a model and I am delighted with each of the photos he took of me. I highly recommend it, you will be won over by his work!

model Isun by the photographer Adsked - portrait, galour, lingerie, nude


I just want to thank Gwendal for this extraordinary photo session!
So much for the professionalism, the human touch in his kindness and his wise advice.
A moment of trust, we were on the same wavelength and the result amply reflects it.
This collaboration was very appreciable.
I recommend without hesitation to call on his assistance.

young lady on a red ground

French Model

instagram: @siana_rbl

” The shooting went wonderfully! Relaxed and friendly, it was a good time! “

young woman in blue on the beach


Instagram: @justinechartier

” What a pleasure to shoot with Gwendal. So outgoing, open minded, enthusiastic and caring! A great experience. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you for the collab. “

back of a blond woman


” Very nice shoot in a good mood! Gwendal is very professional and kind, he puts you at ease quickly. Nice shots. I highly recommend! “

young naked woman on a black background


” Very pleasant session, Gwendal knows how to put you at ease. The result is up to your expectations. If you hesitate, contact him and you can discuss your desires, what you don’t want. This allows once arrived on site not to be surprised and to start in a good atmosphere. “


” First successful shoot! Gwendal is friendly, intelligent and very professional! He knows how to put his model at ease, even when he does not know how to make a languid look … An experience to renew, in the South or elsewhere … “

woman in black lingerie on a bed


” Shooting at the top in a heavenly setting, thank you for your professionalism. Second session we are doing and I am still just as delighted with the result. No problem I am available for other collaboration. “

nude woman in studio


” Very pleasant session. Even if I have no experience, and even less in the nude, Gwendal quickly put me at ease. The photos are superb, I did not expect such a result! I must admit that I find myself much prettier since this first photo shoot, I can’t wait to repeat the experience ! “

naked woman on a railway

Clochette PE

Facebook: Ma Passion Mes Emotions

“An exchange of mail, an exchange of ideas on the phone, a meeting with confidence for a nude session in an exceptional place with a man of incredible kindness and above all a meeting in respect and confidence. Thank you Gwendal for this session and to do it again with great pleasure.”

black hair young woman at a door


” A very pleasant shoot and pretty pictures to go. The session took place in an atmosphere of confidence, thank you for your professionalism and your kindness. “

woman with a white hat and high heels


” A beautiful photographic meeting but above all human, which remains the secret as to the images produced. I thank Gwendal for these few hours spent together, the first shoot in the exchange, listening, simplicity and respect for everyone. Essential keys to a successful collaboration. Fondly”

naked woman in acrobatic posture

Metal Louloutte

Site web:

” A photographer with whom I look forward to working again. The word “collaboration” had its full meaning during this session. The exchange was at the same time professional, technical and artistic. I felt a neutral and respectful atmosphere which is quite rare when two people of different sexes are brought to collaborate for a photo shoot. see you soon! “

nude woman in front of a chimney


Site web:

” Beyond our fruitful, telephone & virtual exchanges, in order to prepare this session together and at best … the meeting was enriching, playful, pleasant, creative … and source of inspiration for us 2. The chosen places: spacious and bright, were conducive to a good understanding and the creation of artistic nude shots + that satisfactory. I was able to let body and mind express themselves with confidence and freedom. Looking forward to meeting you again …!”

nude woman at the beach


Site web:


” I had a shoot with Gwen-Adsked on a beach in Montpellier during my visit there one summer. It was a lovely day, and the shoot was fun, easy-going and productive!. “

young woman with a red tank top in the wheat


” A wide variety of themes to explore in all possible poses. The sessions give way to a great imagination of what could be the following. The end result remains natural. The photos are expressive. The photographer remains subjective by bringing his artistic touch!”

black hair woman with a white neckline


” It was my first studio shoot, the first photos were stressful, I was uncomfortable. Then gradually, Gwendal helped me gain confidence, I got caught up in the game and of course the photos were linked, shyness being forgotten. Look forward to redoing new shoots with Gwendal, this very professional photographer!”

naked woman on the ground of a studio


” Pour une première séance (qui sont d’habitude très hésitantes), j’ai passé un bon moment. Le travail s’est passé dans une atmosphère d’échange et de proposition qui était agréable. Le résultat vraiment chouette!For a first session (which are usually very hesitant), I had a good time. The work took place in an atmosphere of exchange and proposal which was pleasant. The result is really cool! “

woman with lingerie on a railway


Site web: ” Very good memories of this session and many very nice photos! Very professional thank you! “

woman with an american swimsuit


” Gwendal, you are an outstanding photographer very attentive to the very professional model and the touch-ups to wake up the dead! You are an ambitious and very kind respectful man. Make sessions with you and a real pleasure !”

woman wearing lingerie in the stones


” Souvenir of a shooting and a fabulous photographer from a magical place and a great sympathy of gwendal !!!! the result speaks for itself … magnificent photos that I never tire of looking at and posting for another 4 years later and which also bring out emotions in the people who watch them … this is what I call great art”

woman in lingerie on a bed

Aure Sayuri

Site web:

” The fact of having met before to discuss the project, our expectations and desires in relation to the final photos, allowed to build from the start a mutual trust. The course of the session being defined, the day of the shooting everything went well. Very professional photographer in terms of pose ideas, light adjustment, photo processing and final rendering. A great collaboration!”

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